Just Like Heaven - The Cure (Cover) by HIJK
"Just Like Heaven" live! Filmed & edited by Anson Ho.
Visual Crunch
3 min promo for a 1/2 hr show that we did on Myx TV.
Alibi - by Eugenia Loli-Queru

A local videographer named Eugenia Loli-Queru contacted us wanting to shoot a video for "Alibi". With only 4 hours of shooting and two days of editing, this beautiful little video was born.

There's even a "making of" article and video.

Paper Boat
Wow, that's really inventive and entertaining! Reminds me of the early
days of music videos when they actually used their imaginations and
seemed inspired by the new medium. - Will Viharo, Owner of The Parkway Theater, Oakland, CA.

This video has been featured at the San Francisco De Young Museum and at the Lago Film Festival in Italy.

Stop Motion in Seattle at Cafe Racer
Wish you were there with us! What an awesome turnout and we played our asses off!
Pacific Noise Interview
02/23/2007 came to one of our recent shows and devoted an episode to HIJK. Check it out above!
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